Sunday, 6 May 2018

Not good enough!

I’m sure a whole lot of people are really pleased to see that the Cambridges have put out a couple of pictures of their new baby. For those people whose offspring have not yet given them grandchildren it must be like receiving photos of surrogate grandchildren. In some ways it might be better than having actual grandchildren as you don’t have to buy them presents, although some probably will do so, and nobody is going to ask you if you can babysit or if you can take care of them when they are too sick to go to nursery but mummy and daddy have to work. Anyway, he looks like a perfectly nice baby, which is what you would expect from a healthy, wealthy set of parents.

It was convenient that little Louis managed to get himself born in time for the wedding of his uncle Harry/Henry. Now his mummy can wow them with how well she has got back into shape. Not that anyone will be looking at her. Now, that is a big piece of nonsense. Of course eyes will be upon her. She’s bought into the lifestyle and now she’s stuck with it. But really the focus should be on the bride.

I’m feeling a bit sorry for those peope who have been selected to stand outside St George’s chapel in the grounds of Windsor Castle. Even if you’re not a royalist, you must feel quite excited at having been selected to be there. After all, we all like to be CHOSEN for something. It makes you feel special. In some cases, it must feel a bit like a reward for having worked at something Prince Harry approves of. And then they go and take the edge off it by saying that you have to take your own food. There won’t even be stalls selling food in the grounds. So you’ll have got all dressed up in your wedding finery and you’ll have to carry a picnic basket with you. It sounds like a bit of a cheap trick to me. I’m glad I wasn’t invited.

I hope at least they can post pics of themselves standing around with their dried up sandwiches. Mind you, it’s a dangerous business posting pics of what you are up to. I heard a story of a woman who took pity on a child who had no money to buy an ice cream from the ice cream man. So she bought him an ice cream, probably to stop him wailing, and posted on social media that she had done so. And in return she received loads of flak because she is a vegan and bought the child an obviously non-vegan ice cream. What was she supposed to do? Start lecturing all in the queue for ice creams about the crime of buying non-vegan 99s?

It’s a crazy world!

Here’s another bit of craziness. It tells the tale of the student who had her MacBook stolen as she went through airport security. We must all of us have wondered at times how safe our valuables are as we put them in plastic trays and consign them to the x-ray machine while we go through the human scanner and hope we don’t beep. She was delayed and by the time she got through her MacBook had gone. Somehow we imagine that all airport travellers will be honest and, if not totally honest, at least in possession of IT equipment of their own and therefore won’t need to steal ours.

We’ve been planning our own summer travels and discovered that flights to Galicia have become a little pricey. Our daughter had been considering travelling out to join us for her half term together with three children. It turned out that travelling there and back for four of them, for only just under a week’s stay, was going to cost close to £2,000. A no-brainer, as they say. And then we decided to put off our departure until prices are more reasonable after the half term holiday.

There is something profoundly immoral about putting prices up by such a large margin, just because a larger group of people will want to travel then. Imagine if the buses did that with rush-hour travel! It’s almost as bad as airports that have inadequate security measures in place to prevent theft from security trays.

Or royal weddings that fail to provide at least a minimum feats for the commoners who turn up to cheer the happy couple on their way

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