Monday, 18 November 2019

Sunny day thoughts!

Blue sky. Sunshine. A bit of frost on the grass. A skin of ice on the mud puddles, for all the world like the skin you get on a pan of milk you are heating! A temperature of around 2 degrees according to my phone. Such was this morning early when I went out to run. Much better than the grey and soggy we have got used to for the last week or so. This is what autumn should be like.

In a warmer part of the world, Burkina Faso in Africa, they are having problems with malaria and are trialling “gene drive” technology as a means of combatting the problem. “We’re developing mosquitoes here that can only have sons. Those sons will also only be able to produce sons, causing the population of females, the only gender that bites, to dwindle until the mosquito is extinct,” says Moussa Namountougou, head of the insect farm of the Institut de Recherche et Sciences de la Santé (IRSS), just a few kilometres from the hospital. So there you go, once again the female of the species is to blame.

Maybe the #MeToo people need to get indignant about it.

Meanwhile, judging by the amount of comment and media coverage given to it, we must be among the few who did not watch the interview with Prince Andrew on Saturday evening. It strikes me somewhat as the case of yet another rich man trying to talk his way out of trouble. The difference is that he happens to be the second son of the queen of England. He really should have been more careful about which rich folk he chose as his friends.

Of course, it must be quite hard being the second son, not quite the heir to the throne, and gradually being pushed further and further down the chain of inheritance.

I could almost feel sorry for him ... if I didn’t have better things to do!

I am not sure that I will be watching the great television debate between Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson either. Goodness knows what will happen with the election in the end. However, free dental checks, more early years education stuff and free broadband sound like good ideas.

 And now I am off to take advantage of the fine weather!

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