Wednesday, 29 May 2019

The further adventures of Phil and Anthea in Sicily - a brief but colourful post.

Today we set off in the sunshine to visit la Cava d’Ispica, a place full of old cave dwellings and a necropolis, a burial place. Quite impressive!

We saw the original skyscrapers: cave dwellings on several floors from about the third century AD. At ground level there was evidence of the places where horses, valuable items, were tethered. Our teacher reminded the guide that when she was a child she remembered her grandparents having houses where the animals were kept on the ground floor, back in the 1960s.

Mostly I took photos of flowers, here are some.

We moved on to Modica, where we visited the famous chocolate makers. When we visited five years ago, we were taken behind the scenes and all given hairnets to protect the product. Now it has all been refined and a young lady took us through the procedure in the shop. She had clearly memorised her speech well and spoke at super-fast speed thoughout!

 Modica has probably about 100 churches. We saw the cathedral,of San Pietro, the Cathedral,of San Giorgio and the church of San Giovane, the last in the upper part of town.

All my photos of Modica, apart from this one of the floor of one of the churches, are on my camera which will not connect to the computer until I return to England.

 A treat to look forward to!

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