Saturday, 27 December 2014


Well, the weathermen said it would snow late in the evening of Boxing Day and that's what it did. We looked out at around 11.00 pm and thin rainy snow was falling but quite a lot was sticking. 

This morning there was a nice layer all around, not too deep but enough to be a bit of a nuisance. However, the sky was blue. There is nothing like a good, crisp winter morning. Bearing in mind that there was slippy stuff around, instead of running today I donned my boots and set off to stomp to Uppermill and buy some good bread. 

Our road is a main thoroughfare and so was pretty clear. Enough traffic had been over it all night to prevent a layer of snow and ice from building up. The side roads were a different matter. 

I walked up the hill towards Dobcross I saw a car set off up the hill, go about five yards and stop. The driver gave me a wry smile when I asked if he had changed his mind. Just as well he didn't get going up the hill because there was a blockage further up. A white van had backed out of a driveway, realised that he was sliding and stopped. When I saw him, he had placed sandbags by the back wheels to prevent further slipping and was considering what to do next. Really he needed to locate the drivers of the two cars parked just behind his van's projected reversing route. If they were moved he could probably make it. With them still parked there, he risked sliding into them! Such fun! I left him to it. 

Further on, in the little square at the centre of Dobcross, the monument has been knocked off its pedestal. This is not a consequence of the ice and snow but of a careless delivery van the other day, before the snow and ice was even forecast. But it provides a reason for people to stand around and tut. 

So, not a good day for motorists and monuments, perhaps, but I had a fine walkabout while the sun was shining on the snow. And I have the photos to prove it. 


Happy Day After Boxing Day everyone!

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  1. There's a term that betrays its origins; "slippy stuff" in place of "slippery stuff". Perhaps I am more aware of these terms as my business 7 years ago was treating ceramic floors to improve slip resistance when wet. Another peculiarity from other conversation is "hisself", which appears derived from Nottinghamshire. That & "olidays".

    As for motor vehicles & snow, I first fitted winter tyres to our cars 5 years ago & 3 years ago we stopped changing to summer tyres because winter tyres do not degrade very much during our summers & winter tyres can be less expensive to purchase as well. Summer tyres lose adhesion when temperatures drop below 5 degrees Centigrade.