Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Short New Year's Eve Post.


"'Twas New Year's Eve morning 
And all through the house 
Nothing was stirring, 
Not even a mouse." 

Early this morning I crawled out of bed to see my son and his little family safely on their way. Then I took myself back to bed for a few hours to try to sleep off my cold. 

Suddenly the house is very empty but we find ourselves enjoying the peace and quiet. It's lovely to see everyone but it's also quite lovely to get washing up down to normal modest proportions. 

Yesterday we went off and had lunch with my Southport family. Maybe I should have stayed home in bed because I shivered my way back in the car and curled myself up in a warm spot when we got home. This, from a person who has always boasted of not catching colds. 

I thought the extra sleep had worked and then I walked into the village, took a couple of final out and about pics for 2014 and came back exhausted! So it might be time to go back to bed. 

This New Year's Eve may not be celebrated with fireworks but with a huge sneeze instead.

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