Monday, 8 December 2014

Leaving Pontevedra, Vigo, Galicia.

We found Pontevedra decked out for Christmas. Very bright and sparkly. Here's Méndez Núñez under a Christmas tree, of sorts!
We had gone to visit our friend Colin and to try out a tapas bar we had not been to before. Once we got there and I saw the name - Meigas Fora, which means Witches Out I believe - I realised that we have walked past in many times already. The food was very good. 

On Sunday morning as we approached the square where Méndez Núñez has his statue, I thought someone had dressed him up in old clothes. Then I realised that it was one of those living statue acts, standing alongside Mr Méndez Núñez so that everyone would know who he was. I would have taken a picture but my camera and my phone were both in the bottom of my bag and suddenly were past him and on our way .

We were going back to the Hotel Rúas, where we stayed in the summer for a chess tournament in Pontevedra, to have some lunch. There is a tapas competition going on in the city at the moment. Participating restaurants serve up their newly concocted delicacy and punters are asked to give an assessment of it. Eventually one of them will win. I'm not sure what they win apart from prestige. The Hotel Ruas offering was quite good. 

 And after lunch we were off back to Vigo. We had suitcases to pack. And rubbish to throw out. All kinds of sorting out to do ready for departure. 

This morning we were up at the crack of dawn. And this time it really was the crack of dawn. The huge super moon was still in the sky. We still hadn't managed to book tickets for the bus to Oporto and so we wanted to be at the bus station in plenty of time to be first in the queue. Success. By the time the sun came up we were already on our way out of Vigo on the bus. 

At Oporto airport an Autna bus company employee was distributing timetables for their service. So I went and told her about the difficulties - no, impossibilities - we had experienced with their webpage. Even though she told me that my Spanish was much better than hers (she was Portuguese), she wasn't able to offer much of a solution their advanced booking problem. We'll just have to deal with that next time we are in Spain. 

The rest of our journey back to the UK was very straightforward, ending with serendipitously finding ourselves on the same tube train as our son. An excellent end to the latest Iberian adventure.

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