Thursday, 31 May 2012

Good morning, Vigo.

Running around the Castro this morning early (I am not the only mad person who does this; there are quite few early runners), I noticed that the Independence of the Seas has arrived here again. That boat must know its way in by now and probably comes on automatic pilot. I must say that the cruise-boat tourists have had a lovely week to visit this fair city. Blue sky and sunshine! According to a friend of ours it has been laid on especially for us; apparently there has been a good deal of rain since we last were here a month ago. 
We’ve been checking up on a variety of things. Yes, our library cards are still valid and yes the library needs our new address. And my old friend Silvia still goes to book clubs at the library: we ran into her outside the library. Yes, we can still recharge our “tarjetas verdes” to get cheap travel on the bus. Now we just need to find a machine in the bank that will take cash as there’s no point in paying a charge for using our bank cards in Spanish machines!!! 
The “casco viejo”, the old part of town does not seem to have changed a good deal. It was due for some restoration so the crisis must have affected development work there. We did find some interesting graffiti in the old quarter though. Artistic talent is alive and well and lives in Vigo.
Life in the bijou residence continues to be fun. At one point yesterday, right in the middle of cooking lunch, the electricity decided to cut out completely and we had to hunt for the fuse box and reset things. Once everything was put back in place it all worked fine so we are now crossing our fingers that it was just a one-off occurrence. Then this morning the shower didn’t like the water pressure going through the pipe and went horizontal on me, water flying over my head and causing a minor flood in the bathroom. It’s fun mopping the floor wrapped in a towel. I have yet to discover how the washing machine works. I have hunted for a manual; there is one for a non-existent toaster but nothing for the washer. This is all part of the adventure! 

Meanwhile we are trying to find a solution the internet-at-home problem. Wifi cafes are all very well but Phil is getting a little frustrated. It’s only when you are deprived of it that you realise how dependent you can become on technology. The Vodafone shop may have the answer. 

I’m getting a definite feeling of déjà vu, however, as I walk into shops and explain what we want and why ADSL via a landline is not the answer for us at the moment. I did all that about four years ago. Can it really be that long? 

 One thing that has changed in those four years is that I have been able to walk into a supermarket and buy a basil plant to put on my kitchen window ledge. The first time I tried that I was told that you couldn’t grow basil in Galicia. Some things do improve then.

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