Monday, 23 February 2009

Other odds and ends that the cruise folk might miss!

It's very likely that, having come to Vigo on a large boat, the cruise folk will not be inclined to get on another, smaller vessel to cross the bay and visit Moana, which is a pity as they will miss the splendid view of the small town in the early evening. This is how I saw in on the evening of the great chess victory in mid-November.

My Phil had entered a chess tournament there so we took the boat across and I went walkabout while he played. On my way back to the venue I walked along the beach a
nd came across a strange contraption, looking from a distance like a huge wheel with a motor of some kind attached.

As I approached from one side to examine it more closely, so did someone else from the other, carrying a bundle which he proceeded to spread out on the sand. As he did
so it became apparent that this was the canopy of a motorised hang-glider; the wheel was the motor. He was not sure if there was enough wind for him to take off but he managed to do so and set off into the sunset over Vigo.

The chess tournament also had a happy ending of sorts, not a great win but a grading prize which was sufficient to pay the entry fee, our ferry tickets and a couple of beers on the way home. Not bad for a mid-November evening!

Another beach beyond the reach of those who have only a few hours to get to know the city is Samil, about a fifteen minute bus-rid
e away from the city centre, unless, like us, you get on the circular bus in the wrong direction and visit other, less fetching parts of Vigo en route.

On a crisp, cold, windy winter's day, Samil was bracing to say the least but the views were excellent and the promenade was clearly well equipped for the visitors who would be there in the summer months.

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