Sunday, 24 February 2019

Thoughts provoked by spring.

Before 9.00 this morning the sun was positively warm. And it's still February. Last year there was snow and ice. This year I have been hanging washing out to dry,

I went out to put recyclable plastics in the correct bin and noticed hyacinths coming into flowe in one of the plant boxes on the garden wall. I thought that box was just full of dead leaves fallen from the tree above.

Signs of spring are popping up everywhere. There are snowdrops in abundance and the leaves of the bluebells show that they are getting ready too.

Yesterday there was a random hen in my garden, sttling down among the snowdrops. My brother-in-law suggested she might become today's lunch!! My travelling companion, however, thought that the hen might have followed us back from Cuba, where they roam free day and night.

So, having got back to the subject of Cuba, here are some pictures of streets and building.

Broad avenues and narrow side streets.

 Squares and arches.

 Cathedral and church

Grand buildings

And some more delapidated ones

 Occasionally justaposed

 Tobacco-drying sheds

 And farmers houses

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