Friday, 21 September 2018

Spider update. La tromba. Postal problems. Doorbells.

Well, I caught the spider this morning. (See yesterday’s post.) She was a big one! The glass and card trick worked a treat but I did not take her to the bottom of the garden to throw her out. It was raining so hard that I simply stood at the door and threw her out. I have my fingers crossed that she won’t find her way straight back in. My daughter has a theory that they can follow their own pheromone scent back to where they were previously. Personally I have my doubts.

The rain that has been falling here has been of the type that in Galicia they refer to as “la tromba”. It doesn’t really stop to rain, it just falls in a continuous stream. You can park outside your own door and be soaked by the time you reach the door. The “tromba” continued on and off for most of the night, together with intermittent thunderstorms.

I woke at my usual time, listened to the rain and gave up on the idea of running today. So I rolled over and had an extra half hour in bed and then walked into the village. By then I could probably have run as the rain had eased but it began again as I made my home.

I had to go to the post office to collect a parcel. Yesterday we found a card pushed through the letterbox which said that they had tried unsuccessfully to deliver a parcel, which we could collect on the next working day. In other words today. Now, we were at home when the card was pushed through the door. So quite what attempts were made to deliver the parcel are not clear. I suspect that, as has happened before, the postman ignored the bell and tapped gently but inaudibly on the door.

Our eldest granddaughter, now officially a grown-up and a proud first-time buyer and home owner, has a most efficient doorbell. It is conveniently placed at eye-level in the middle of the door. This enables her to look through a peephole to see who is there but also means that anyone calling at the door cannot fail to see it. What is more, it makes a fine jangling sound which can be heard on the outside as well. We need one of those!

Anyway, I walked into the village and then back through the renewed rain, which continued for most if the day, until now, as I type in the late afternoon, when we actually have some blue sky! How long it will last is a different matter.

Further up the road from us, at the cricket and bowling club they are preparing for the thirteenth “Party in the Park”, a mind of mini music festival, probably organised by the Wake Up Delph Committee, which will take place tomorrow. They have a lot of tribute bands performing, stalls selling food and drink are set up and there are bouncy castles and such like for the kids. People seem to enjoy it. We just hear the music from a distance.

I suppose the timing is partly decided by having to get the cricket season out of the way first but there is always uncertainty about the weather. We never seem to have the promised Indian summer. This year half of the fencing they erected yesterday seemed to have blown down in the night. The weather forecast for tomorrow is not great and I suspect that even if the day proves to be reasonable, the ground will be so soggy that they have a very muddy mess.

But that will probably be appropriate for a mini-Glastonbury!

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