Sunday, 24 September 2017

Having my opinions confirmed. Being told I am an old biddy.

After posting my thoughts yesterday about the banks being able to freeze bank accounts, I was given a link to this New Statesman article. What a coincidence!

And then there is this in the Guardian. I can't think how many times I have said that the rise and rise of Nigel Farage was largely down to the media coverage he got. And then along comes Catherine Bennet on the Guardian saying exactly what I have been thinking.

I clearly must be a genius.

Mind you, being a genius does not stop you getting grief from younger people on the bus.

We were heading over to our daughter's house, planning to do the things that grandparents are useful for such as fixing the grandson's bike and sorting out the granddaughter's computer. Sitting on the bus, quietly getting on with reading our books and minding our own business, we heard a jangly noise ring out. Someone's ring tone was very annoying it seemed to me. Then we realised that it was not a ring tone, or if it was the person concerned was letting it go on and on while looking at her phone. No, it appeared that she had just decided to choose a tune and play it. Maybe she had just downloaded it. Whatever the truth of the matter, she had clearly decided she needed to share it with the other passengers on the bus.

After a minute or two, Phil leaned over and asked if she couldn't perhaps listen to it through headphones. No, she couldn't, was her reply, and she turned away and continued to play her music and share it with all of us. So we suggested that she should at least reduce the volume or maybe even turn it off. After a further few minutes she turned and told us we should get back to our sudoku or books or whatever. After all, she wasn't telling us what to do on the bus. We did point out that our reading did not impinge on others.

Then came a little diatribe about how fed up she was of old people thinking we had the right to tell people what to do and think. At least she paid for her travel on the bus, which we patently did not as old people, she went on. As non-payers we forfeited all rights.

It wasn't even that she was so very young but somewhere in her forties, which our grandson declared makes her an old person as well. She appealed to a couple of teenagers on the bus to see if they objected to her music. They were too embarrassed to reply one way or the other.

Fortunately she got off the bus a couple of stops further down the route. After she got off it occurred to me that I should have started reading my book out loud. That might have impinged on her music listening!

Further down the road our driver had a small altercation with the driver of a large 4x4 vehicle who clearly thought the bus should give him priority and was extremely rude to our driver. Obviously all the rude folk were out and about today. After that the journey was without incident.

As we waited for the bus for our return journey at the end of th afternoon, I reminded Phil not to get into any fights on this bus!

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