Sunday, 4 June 2017

More madness!

The madness continues. Late yesterday evening a breaking news message flashed across the television screen, interrupting the programme we had not quite decided to watch. And so we flipped over to BBC news to discover that some crazy people in a van had mowed down Saturday evening strollers on London Bridge and then set about anyone they could reach with knives. I watched for a while and then, having checked that our London inhabiting son was safely home in bed, I gave up and went to bed myself.

This morning Theresa May says we must stop being too tolerant of terrorists. What does that mean? This from a woman who appears to think it is all right to sell arms to Saudi Arabia. No, more than all right; it is good for the economy and helps to keep Britain safe!

Before he even knew whether this was in fact a terrorist attack, President Trump was tweeting the need to bring his travel ban into effect to ensure the security of his country. This despite the fact that our recent terrorists have not actually flown in but were here already.

But this is the modern world and America is the country where a New Hampshire Republican politician recently reacted to a campaign to raise the age limit for marriage in the state, where girls can still marry at 13 and boys at 14, by saying:

"We're asking the legislature to repeal law that's been on the books for over a century, that's been working without difficulty."

Isn't that the point of changing the law? Is he aware that in some states it is still on the statute books that a woman can only drive a car if a man walks in front with a flag to let people know she is coming?

I had some further thoughts about having lots of stuff. Not just shoes and bags. We all tend to amass stuff. Phil has chess books. Too many to count. A friend of mine once counted up and found that she have over sixty coats. Just a little excessive! I still wonder where she kept them all. Did she have a spare room just for coats? This would be like a young lady I once worked with whose fiance told her they would need an extra bedroom in the house they proposed to buy, just to accommodate her bags and shoes!

And the other night we watched a BBC Arena programme about Loretta Lynn. As well as being able to visit her dude ranch (yes, her dude ranch!), you can go to the Loretta Lynn museum. This is extremely well stocked with just about all the outfits she ever wore on stage, including some astoundingly dreadful frocks, because, according to the curator of the place, she never threw anything away. Having grown up in austerity, she simply kept everything!


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