Sunday, 19 March 2017

Moving along!

Looking put of the window and watching swathes of rain blow across, I am putting off finalising my packing ready to go to Galicia tomorrow. So I decided to look up the weather forecast for Vigo: nice and sunny at the moment, the sun might still be there when we arrive tomorrow but it will be on its way down and for the rest of the week they forecast rain showers, light rain, rain with a bit of thunder. Still it could be worse: here they are forecasting the possibility of snow. We shall see!

We've been putting off our departure because of translation commitments, meetings one or other or both of us had to go to, getting the all clear after Phil's cataract operation, and stuff like that. And now we are timing our return to coincide with an operation on the other eye. After which Phil expects to see better than he has done since he was about seven! The wonders of modern medicine!

Don't you just love pedants. Last week's Saturday Guardian magazine had an article about Scandinavia. This week's has this letter:

"Morwenna Ferrier's article (You What? 11 March) claims "Scandinavia, of course, is a sum of its snowy parts - Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland". Scandinavia proper does not include Finland. If Finland is to be included, the term should be "Nordic countries".

Mr. Pedantic Reader." (Not his actual sign off!)

 Really? Does it matter? This was an article about words they have in the Nordic Countries for odd things. Finland needed to be included. There is no need to get picky about it. There are more important problems in the world!

 And what is going on with the chap Martin Sheen describes as "Our current commander in chief, Yellow Hair"? If Martin Sheen (aka President Bartlett in The West Wing) is not careful there will be tweets calling him a so-called actor! But seriously, why did President Trump not want to shake Angela Merkel's hand. The press were calling for a handshake, Mrs Merkel asked did he want to do a handshake but Mr Trump just sat and looked at his feet. Does he think germs come from Germany? I am sure Mrs Merkel could put him right on that; she seems to have taken on the task of informing him about all sorts of things.

Meanwhile, the world goes on its way. Chuck Berry has gone off to join others in the Tower of Song. So it goes!

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