Monday, 8 August 2016

Feeling the heat!

25 degrees at the bottom of the street this morning! Two degrees less than yesterday but the day heated up much the same. When you get into 30+ degrees you really stop noticing the odd couple of degrees. Somebody told me later that they had 41 degrees in Orense yesterday. All I can say is that I am quite glad I wasn't there. I'm not really surprised as Orense is famous for being very, very, very hot in the summer time. 

Knowing that we were going to lunch quite early today, I went down to the pool a little earlier than usual this morning. However, all my plans to get some exercise and cool myself down in one fell swoop were in vain. There was a man cutting the grass and filling the pool with cuttings. I think I would have accepted swimming with grass cuttings but he looked at me and said the pool was out of use today, "por tratamiento del agua". Well, it has been looking a bit cloudy the last few days but I was looking forward to my daily dip. 

Still, tomorrow is another day! 

So today we lunched earlier than usual and get sorted out to travel to Pontevedra in a hot car. It's that time of year again when Phil takes part in the Ponters chess tournament and I go along on day one to make sure all is well. They are playing this year in the sports hall of a rather posh-seeming "international" private school. Very nice looking premises they have here but in the end a sports hall is a sports hall and I suspect that after an hour or so of masses of people playing chess in there it will very hot and not a little smelly. 

So I took refuge in the "cantina", a little low building round the back, smelling of fresh paint but with a very effective fan. Ten minutes before play started, they were in a state of disarray in the cafe/cantina. The coffee had not arrived. Neither had the cold water. Chess players were demanding caffeine and water and getting neither. But it all got sorted. This is their first day running the cantina. They promise improvements. 

Tomorrow is another day! 

Later: the playing room WAS hot but the cafe was cool. Oh, and Phil won! 

Tomorrow is still another day!

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