Monday, 1 August 2016

Back in Galicia.

Here we are, back in Vigo. We have had a hectic few days with all the family gathering for all sorts of occasions: lots of meals, walks in the rain, trips to the park, afternoon tea at a posh hotel in Manchester. Hence blog silence for the last few days. 

Here we are, back in Vigo after a silly journey. Our plane was delayed because it had a flat tyre when it landed at Liverpool. I assume they discovered it after landing. This was a minor problem that became major because they had to wait for a new tyre to arrive from Manchester!! You would think that they might manage to keep a supply of spares at the airports where the planes regularly land! 

We had a whole series of mixed messages about departure times. So, of course, once we had sat down to a bowl of soup, they announced imminent boarding. 

But having been rained on in Liverpool, we finally made it to Porto and the sunshine. 

On the plane we tried to swap seats with a young lady who had the aisle seat, offering her the window seat. Phil prefers the aisle seat if possible. So did that young lady! So it goes! I noticed that she was reading the latest Harry Potter offering. This is the screenplay for "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Part Two". Not bad reading for a Portuguese girl. But not really J.K. Rowling. It was written by two other people, based on an idea by the Harry Potter creator. 

Apparently "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" is a pair of plays that see the boy wizard portrayed as a 37-year-old parent. Rowling said that the release of the plays and their accompanying script did not mark the release of a new series of stories. I know people who will be disappointed but personally I am left unmoved. 

Released at midnight on Saturday night, an event marked with parties at bookshops around the UK, the script is topping book charts. Who knew that parties were organised for such things? Pre-orders at Waterstones topped 100,000 copies, the book chain told the Guardian last week, and it was the most pre-ordered book of the year at In less than two days, reviews of the script on already number almost 200, the majority of them positive. 

Wow! I am impressed! But still not tempted to read it! 

Having got back to Vigo, we stopped off at one of our regular wifi cafes for a beer before finally heading for home. Normal blog service might resume some time soon.

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