Saturday, 27 February 2016

Flirting with power.

I am growing a little weary of professional politicians. There's Tony Blair pontificating about how neither Jeremy Corbyn nor that transatlantic socialist Bernie Sanders has a chance of becoming leader of their respective governments because they are "unelectable". Isn't that up to the electorate to decide? Isn't that what a democracy is all about? And when was politics a beauty competition? 

David Cameron clearly gives a lot of importance to sartorial elegance, having commented angrily in the House of Commons that Corbyn should buy himself a good suit and fasten his tie up properly. Obviously these are things that you learn at posh schools! 

Keir Hardie, the first Labour MP, speaking in 1906, apparently said, "A working man in Parliament should go to the House of Commons in his workday clothes. He should address the speaker on labour questions, and give his utterance to the same sentiments, in the same language and in the same manner that he is accustomed to utter his sentiments... Above all, he should remember that all the Conservatives and Liberals are joined together in the interests of capital against Labour." 

But, of course, we should not expect David Cameron to take notice of anything Kier Hardie said. 

If it were left up to me, I would demand that all candidates should have worked at least ten years in a proper job, whatever party they belong to, before standing for parliament. That's not going to happen though. 

On the other side of the Atlantic there is an African American Republican would-be candidate for the presidency who has been saying that Obama cannot possibly understand the problems of black Americans because he was brought up "white". Presumably that means that he did not grow up in one of those big city estates that they refer to as projects. This is a little like saying that a male writer cannot properly describe female protagonists in their novels, never having been female, and vice versa of course. It's amazing what a little intelligence can do! And there's a part of me that wonders why, if that African American candidate has such experience of growing up properly black, he is a Republican and not a Democrat! 

Of course, that candidate has to defeat Donald Trump before he even gets to presidential elections. And, amazingly, Trump begins to look like a possibility. Has anyone questioned HIS electability? Despite his ravings against immigrants, it turns out that his wife is a former model of Slovenian extraction. So it's only Mexicans he wants to keep out then. This is a man who, according to an article I skimmed yesterday, claims that he could have taken Diana, Princess of Wales, to bed. Apparently she made eyes at him. Mind you, she is also supposed to have flirted with Clinton, Blair and Dustin Hoffman, among others who claim that honour. 

Perhaps those gentlemen should realise that just because a pretty girl bats her lovely blue eyes at you, it doesn't necessarily mean she is ready to hop between the sheets with you. A little flirtation is a good game, especially when a girl realises she has that power!

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