Wednesday, 26 March 2014

On the move again.

Here we are, rushing towards the end of March. The first day of spring has come and gone; I think we missed it somewhere along the way. The spring flowers are all out but the wind is still very cold. Quite probably the winds have got up because the trees are just getting full of blossom. What usually happens is that it waits until all the blossom trees are looking fine and then it all gets blown off and it looks as though we’ve had a large number of weddings all at the same time. 

We are at our son’s house, a stopping off place on our way to Galicia. The budget airlines don’t fly from, or indeed to, the northwest of England fro the northwest of Spain for another month. Consequently we are flying from Gatwick and visiting the family en route. 

Statistics say that this has been the wettest and stormiest winter in Galicia for 45 years. Weather men say that they expect spring to be a fairly typical Galician affair; in other words there is a fair chance of some more rain. Nonetheless we are hoping that the sunshine that they have had intermittently in recent weeks might become a little less intermittent while we are there. However this works out, though, it will probably be slightly warmer than in Manchester. It might be spring but we still managed to wake up to frost the other day! 

We’ll manage to miss two family birthdays while we’re away, not to mention Easter. However, contingency plans have been made and bags of presents and Easter eggs have been left with our daughter. You have to do these things. 

We will arrive in Vigo in time for the Reconquista celebrations. Good timing.

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