Sunday, 2 March 2014

Hacked off!

Since Phil had read an article about the need to add extra symbols to email passwords, in addition to the usual collection of letters and numbers, lower and upper case and so on, we spent some time last week changing our hotmail passwords. This was supposed to make it more difficult for our accounts to be hacked. 

So imagine my surprise on Friday when my phone started pinging messages to me telling me about the inability to deliver emails that I had not sent, emails to my sister’s old email address that she no longer uses, for example. 

Then came another ping with a message telling me that it was likely my hotmail account had probably been hacked. 

How very annoying! I cannot imagine what benefit any hacker gets from breaking into my account. 

And how ironic! 

Anyway, I then spent some more time changing my password once again and hopefully all is well. Of course, doing this involves having to answer security questions as they check that it is actually me changing my password and not some random person. It’s all very annoying. 

And since then, every so often I receive a suspicious email from yet another friend which I have to get rid of and then contact the friend to let them know what’s going on and advise them to change their password also. I suppose it will just take time for this to work its way through my friends and then we can settle down again. 

As I said, I can’t imagine why anyone would choose to hack into my account. There are no great secrets to reveal to the world. I suppose it gives the hacker a little sense of power. How sad to have to get your entertainment that way. 

Well, I hope he (and it’s probably a he) enjoys himself. He obviously should get out more. 

Me, I’m just a little fed up of it!

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