Saturday, 31 August 2013

Back again – day 2

So here I am back in Galicia. On Thursday evening I waited around in the airport at Oporto until the late evening (22.45, special summer service) Autna bus arrived. A very smart, double decker bus. This caused some comment from some passengers, all about the fact that the bus had stairs. Have they never seen films about London? Everyone seems to have accepted that London has fog, courtesy of various films, no doubt, so why not also double decker buses with staircases. 

I watched the driver hurling luggage into the hold, following a system of those who were getting off last had their luggage thrown in first, but yes, literally hurling those bags in. So when he said that anyone who had a small case and wanted to take in on the bus with them could do so, I took him at his word. It made alighting in Vigo that much quicker anyway. 

Apart from this rather cavalier treatment of the luggage, the journey was fast and uneventful. A rapid taxi ride back to our flat and there I was, back again. Why are taxis so much cheaper here than in the UK? Is it the price of petrol? Whatever the reason, I know that a similar taxi ride back in the UK would cost me about three times as much. 

 So yesterday I caught up with myself. I didn’t get up and run as I usually do. Having arrived home at around 2 in the morning, I felt that getting up and running at 8 was a bit excessive. 

But a visit to the bread shop was, of course, one of the first jobs of the day. You have to get breakfast sorted after all. The panadera, whom I regard as a kind of oracle, assures me that the weather will continue to be excellent throughout September. Which is good news. 

Later I strolled down to the library. Still on summer opening times: closes at 2.30 pm. Still as chaotically organised as ever. Still very hot! I always imagine libraries as cool havens of quiet in the bustle of a city. This one is quiet enough – notices requesting “¡SILENCIO, POR FAVOR!” abound – but it is always far too hot. This is strange in an old stone building. Maybe they have the heating on all year round. 

 It was pleasant enough strolling around in the sunshine at that point but after lunch it was too hot to do more than sit in the shade and eventually to fall into the pool. The pool police are still in operation. It’s a good job I had not lost my “Acceso a la piscina” card”. One of these days I will leave it in the pocket of my shorts when they go in the washing machine and that will be the end of my swimming. I wonder who appointed the “Supervisor”, who has a special orange vest with his position written on the front. Presumably it was the “comunidad” committee. 

He must be rather warm in his t-shirt with his official vest on top. As people arrive, he checks their card and ticks them off on his list. Then he goes back to whatever he is doing on his mobile phone. 

Maybe, like my grandson, he is an avid player of Minecraft. You never know!!

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