Friday, 23 August 2013

An exciting life.

Here’s a link to a strange item in La Voz de Galicia  about someone called Álvaro Bultó with a video of him practising a sport known as Wingfly, aka El Hombre Pájaro or Birdman. It seems to involve launching yourself from a high place wearing a kind of winged jacket and carrying a parachute for the later stages of the descent. The article contains a video of a successful “flight” but mainly it tells us about the death of this “aventurero” in the alps. Apparently he had an accident doing this only a couple of months ago when he ended up injured. You’d think he would have learnt from that incident but no, daredevils always get back on the horse, or on this case, strap the wings back on. 

Apart from being a TV presenter and adventurer, Álvaro was a former boyfriend of the Infanta Cristina. Presumably this was before she knew and married Iñaki Urdangarin and ended up almost being prosecuted for all kinds of corrupt dealings. Maybe she’d have been better with the birdman. Mind you, she should be OK with a nice bank job in Switzerland. 

Really, I am quite impressed with the way the two Spanish princess have had relatively normal job, Cristina in a bank and Elena teaching in a primary school. They may have got their jobs through a good deal of enchufe – it’s all a question of who you know in the old boy network – but at least there was a semblance of normality. 

Back here in the UK, my life has no such excitement. The most exciting thing that has happened in the last day or two was a visit to the park with the grandchildren. At least we got to the park and they ran around all over the place and generally had a good time as well as lots of exercise. According to an article I read as they ran around, about 50% of UK children don’t get that exercise, or at least they don’t do the hour a day recommended by the watchful government. It was a lot simpler in my childhood because most of us walked to school and we didn’t have electronic games to occupy our every waking moment. 

We managed the park yesterday in the sunshine. It was even hot and sunny enough for me to regret not having my sunhat with me. I thought for a moment that the much spoken about heat wave was returning. No chance! Today at the point when we thought of setting off out – tidying up done, guinea pigs sorted and so on – the rain came down. 

And there’s more forecast for the weekend. So it goes.

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