Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Sudden onset kettle breakdown.

Our kettle yesterday developed a form of kettle dementia. Just as a person can go into a room, go upstairs, go to s specific cupboard and then completely lose track of the purpose of that action, so our kettle forgot its purpose in life. I filled the kettle with water, put the switch to the “on” position and waited. Precisely nothing happened. I checked that everything was switched on. I even gave it another chance. I noted that its little red indicator light had come on but still nothing happened. Two hours previously it had worked fine. Somewhere over the space of those two hours it had forgotten how to boil water. I had to resort to boiling water in a pan on the hob top. 

Working on the principle that taking a gadget apart and putting it back together can help – yes, really, please do not mock, it always worked with my sewing machine – Phil took the kettle to pieces and reassembled it. Still nothing! As our grandson would say: EPIC FAIL!! 

A new kettle was obviously the only solution. So Phil did what he always does in such situations: he went off to research kettle on the internet. This is one of his things. Whatever gadget you need to buy, always do the research to get the best deal. For years we subscribed to Which Magazine and had info about all kinds of equipment and gadgets. Now we have the internet. 

Anyway, research was done. Did you know that you can pay silly money for kettles? We found one on sale for almost £200!!! And these are just the ones you can buy from Tesco. My goodness, for that price I would expect it to put the tea bag in the teapot and pour the tea for me. AND wash the cups up afterwards. 

Now, I appreciate the effort put into this search for the ideal kettle but I live in the world of real kettles. Once there I did that woman thing of seeing what they have in store and then selecting on criteria such as colour, shape and whether it matches the rest of my kitchen. 

Job done!

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