Sunday, 16 June 2013

Out and about again.

Walking up to the Castro in the sunshine yesterday we went past a cafe where people were sitting out on the terraza. At one end a woman was nursing a drink. On the table in front of her was a plate of tapas. Seagulls were hovering around the area, on the scrounge as usual. Suddenly two of them dive-bombed the table, intent on stealing the food that the woman was clearly not eating. To get at the table they practically had to go into the covered terraza, something I’ve often seen pigeons do but rarely seagulls. It was rather frightening for us as simple passers-by so what it was like for the poor woman sitting at the table must have been even greater. These are huge birds with very fearsome beaks. If one of those lands on a cafe table it almost fills it. Aggressive seagull season!!! 

 A little further on and in more peaceful mode we saw the crazy horses at the top of Gran Vía. They’ve been turned into supporters of Celta de Vigo, no doubt celebrating the local teams continued presence in the first division. Celta has managed to stay up by the skin of its teeth, unlike poor Deportivo La Coruña, relegated this year. 

 Up at the Castro everything was looking very green ... and rather crowded. I think there was at least one coach party visiting. 

The old gents who usually play cards on top of the hedges had migrated to a more shady spot and were actually sitting down to play. Old age and sunshine finally getting to them perhaps! 

I’ve just read in the newspapers online about an accident in Liverpool. Since the Albert Docks were touristified it has been possible to do tours of the city in what they call Yellow Duckmarines. The tour finishes with a “splashdown” into the dock. Yesterday one of them sank and the passengers had to be rescued from the water, successfully, I hasten to add. 

Now, I’ve seen these vehicles around the Albert Dock area. They look just like the WWII amphibious vessels that we used to see on Southport beach in my childhood, small landing vessels that my father always told us were “ducks”. If they are the selfsame vehicles, it’s no wonder one of them sank yesterday. 

Apparently it’s not the first time either. In March the fleet of four “ducks” was ordered out of the water after one of them sank, without passengers on that occasion. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip had a ride in one during the royal visit to Liverpool as part of the Jubilee Tour. 

 Just think: Prince Charles might have been king by now if they had travelled in the faulty vehicle.

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