Friday, 25 June 2010

On lunch, misty weather and football.

Yesterday I had lunch at the Marco museum restaurant on Príncipe. Marco is the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, opened in 2002 in a building that used to be a prison which was built in 1861 in what I understand is the Portuguese style. It's a nice little art gallery, cool on a hot day and changing its exhibitions fairly frequently.

The cafetería/restaur
ant is one of the few places in Vigo where you can eat completely smoke-free, which is always a bonus. The food is good, presented in a rather arty, nouvelle cuisine sort of way, but what else do you expect from an art gallery? The desserts are picturesque but rather small. The prices are quite reasonable, however, unlike the Parador Hostal dos Reis Católicos in Santiago.

I just recently saw an advertisement in the Telegraph online for bargain breaks in Santiago: flights with RyanAir from Stanstead to Santiago from £44 return, a bargain I won't disagree with, and a double room in the Parador from £238 per night and
breakfast from £17. Maybe Telegraph readers have a different idea of a bargain! I didn't pay their breakfast price for my whole lunch at the Marco.

The Marco, because of the steps leading up to the entrance tend to become a focal point for demonstrations; the other evening it was a pro-abortion women's lib protest group.

Then there are the musical acts that use it as an impromptu stage. Sometimes it
's a gaita player with some traditional gallego dancers. Yesterday it was band from one of the French-speaking parts of Africa.

Today t
he misty weather has still been around. It had just about cleared at our end of Vigo, the Teis end, this morning when I went out for a drive to Samil with my friend Brendan and his little boy, who showed off his cycling prowess for usa At Samil though the mist was still dense, almost dense enough to be called fog.

It hasn't kept me out of the pool however, still choosing my moments when there is room to plod up and down without being accidentally jumped on by enthusiastic children. This afternoon, however, there was no need of such caution. Not long after 5.30 the pool and its surrounding area emptied, as if by magic.

My friend Gill and her children were the only ones in the pool apart from me. The reason? Not the weather because the sun had come out. Maybe Spain playing Chile at football explained it. In the last half hour I have been treated to the sound of cheers from the flat next door, followed by a cry of G-O-O-O-O-O-L through their open window. Checking online I see that Spain is beating Chile 2-1.

La selección has obviously got its act back together!

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