Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Tuesday thoughts

The sun continues to shine. The temperatures creep up. People still complain that the water in the pool is “helada” - icy. Not so! They exaggerate. It always feels colder when the weather is hot. By evening the water feels quite warm - warmed by the day’s sun but also contrasting the cooler air of the evening.

I ran to the lighthouse again this morning and back along the beach, dipping my toes into the seawater. No doubt my Fitbit will downgrade my run, not giving me 100% effort because I slowed down to run in the sea.

It amuses me that my Fitbit grades my exercise. It does not recognise time spent on a static bike, although no doubt there is a way of making it do this. The rowing machine is a different matter, presumably because you actually move to and fro and this registers on the GPS system as movement. 

It registers my sleep as well, telling me how much deep sleep, light sleep, dreaming sleep and disturbed sleep I have each night. Surprisingly little deep sleep! I always said I was a light sleeper.

I read something the other day about the amount of sleep we need. This suggested that the politicians who claim, as Margaret Thatcher did, to get by, no, more than get by, to function perfectly well on four hours sleep a night are kidding the selves and us. This is part of what it said:- “Some politicians and CEOs boast that they need only four hours’ sleep, but it simply isn’t true. Take Donald Trump, for example. If this were the case, the scientific evidence would suggest he would be overweight, show erratic behaviour, poor judgment and frequent mood swings”

There’s a surprise for us all then!! Who would have thought it?

Down on the beach was another fine example of sand sculpture, not in the same place as the previous one, so maybe by a different artist.

I sent a photo of it to my son, who has always been a great admirer of castles and a prodigious builder of sandcastles. He said he assumed, correctly, that I had not built it and sent me in return a photo of the much simpler castle built by himself and his four-year-old daughter on the beach at Baiona.

It’s good to see family traditions maintained from one generation to another.

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