Thursday, 7 June 2018


People here must get very confused. A couple of weeks ago they had temperatures of 30 degrees - sudden sweltering summer in mid-May. Now we are rapidly approaching mid-June and they all have their coats and scarves and boots on. 15 degrees, the temperature gauge down by the roundabout says this morning. Not quite boots and gloves and woolly hats weather but still ...

Yesterday eventually warmed up quite nicely: a bit of blue sky and sunshine but nothing excessive. Today we are back to gloom and drizzle, not even proper rain. It’s probably why we feel quite at home. Just as in Saddleworth, you never know what to wear as the weather can change over the course of the day. The people who came into Vigo on yesterday’s cruise ship had almost the full range - cloud first thing, then some blue sky and sunshine but no rain, fortunately for them.

According to Phil, it’s all the fault of the jet stream. It changes direction and brings different sorts of weather. Now, I want to know who discovered, or even invented, the jet stream. You never used to hear about it in weather reports but now it’s all over the place. Newspaper weather forecasts have interesting pictures showing where the jet stream is located on a particular day. Like an errant dragon, it swoops around, disturbing weather patterns and flightpaths. When I flew to Gibraltar recently (well, I tried to but we were diverted to Malaga) the pilot kept telling us he was taking the plane higher to get above the jet stream. I found myself wondering if he could actually see it.

Little has changed here since our last visit, apart from the unseasonable weather.

  •  The pavement on our stretch of Calle Arag√≥n has still not been replaced, modernised, gentrified or whatever, unlike the rest of the street. Mind you, in contrast we found yesterday a very fine stretch of the already gentrified alameda, Plaza de Compostela in the centre of town, which had been given very fine new pavements. This smacks of discrimination. 
  • Our local breadshop remains closed, which is a shame as I now have to go further afield. What is more, my new regular breadshop is one of a largish chain while the original one was an independent bakers with ovens on the premises. 
  • Drivers continue to have a frightening disregard for red lights at pedestrian crossing. If you see a car approaching you need to wait to be sure it intends to stop before you cross, despite the little green man telling you it is safe to do so. A little green man has precious little power to prevent a driver sailing through regardless. This morning I prepared to cross as a lorry rumbled slowly up the slope to the red light. It reached the lights and just kept on going, the driver giving me a wry grin and a wave as he did so. Clearly he did not want to lose revs to get him round the corner. But anyway he was bigger than me and I had no intention of getting into a fight with him! 
As I said, nothing changes but the weather!

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