Monday, 18 June 2018

People you see, or don’t see, out and about.

Overheard at the pool:-

 “I am going for a walk towards Porto Novo. I wonder if I’ll bump into Rajoy.”

 “If you do, tell him we miss him. Those socialists are not doing any good at all.”

Someone’s not giving the PSOE much of a chance but there we go.

I ran to Porto Novo this morning. I didn’t see Rajoy, assuming he is actually there.

It was very quiet, but then, you don’t expect to see many people at 8.30 in the morning. It’s a good time of day to be up and about though. Later in the day you need to find shady places to walk, especially today, I think, as the temperature seems to have risen. When we went out a couple of hours later the beach was already filling up.

 Maybe it’s because it’s not high season yet but there are remarkably few beggars here in Sanxenxo. Not even outside the supermarket, which is often a regular spot for beggars, such as our very own Soy-Muy-Pobre in Vigo.

Almost the only beggar I have seen is the one who makes sand sculptures down on the beach. In fact, I have not really seen him, just his work and his little tent. If you make sand sculptures, anyway, does this really count as begging? Is it not perhaps a form of visual busking?

So Mr Rajoy might well be just down the road from us at the moment. I have plans to go to London to visit our son and to go to a concert in Hyde Park in July, coinciding accidentally with Mr Trump’s visit to the UK? I begin to feel as though I am being stalked by politicians!

As we stumble towards Brexit, still not really knowing what will happen, I find this in the independent:-

“The European Union has made preparations for the possibility of Brexit being postponed, as talks with the UK appear less and less likely to reach a productive conclusion in time. Internal documents drawn up by the European Council show that the bloc is planning what to do “in the event that the United Kingdom is still a member state of the union” after March.
Separately, European Commission officials have privately discussed the practicalities of extending Brexit talks, according to sources cited by the German newspaper Handelsblatt. The document drawn up by the European Council showing preparations for a delayed Brexit addressed what will happen to the UK’s seats in the European Parliament, which are set to be partly distributed between other member states at the body’s next elections scheduled for the end of May.
But under EU treaties if the UK is still a member when the elections happen it will technically have to participate, an eventuality which it has not been publicly preparing for.
“In the event that the United Kingdom is still a member state of the union at the beginning of the 2019-2024 parliamentary term, the number of representatives in the European Parliament per member state taking up office shall be the one provided for in Article 3 of the European Council Decision 2013/312/EU1 until the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the union becomes legally effective,” the European Council plan says.
It continues, adding that the plan to redistribute the MEPs will come into force midway through the parliamentary term if and when Britain ultimately leaves the bloc.”

So we remain in suspended animation. Wait and see!

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