Thursday, 26 April 2018

The state we’re in. Weather, politicians, escapism.

Well, if it weren’t for the gradually lengthening evenings I might not believe the rumours going around that this is Spring. There are signs of Spring aplenty: little lambs in the fields, bluebells beginning to flower in my garden, new green on the trees, adverts for summer clothes collections! But that cold wind keeps bringing the clouds across and I begin to wonder just where all the rain has been coming from. Each time the bridle path starts to dry out and I can run without having to dodge the mud-puddles, we have another rainstorm and the quagmire returns. So it goes.

I got my summer sandals, and bare legs for that matter, out last weekend. As a rule I tell myself that when I start to wear sandals that’s it for the year and that’s my footwear until September. Not this year! Warmer clothing has come out again, and warmer footwear! My only consolation is that other parts of Europe seem to be suffering as well. Surely things will pick up next month!

Our politicians appear to be continuing to lie about things. Nobody knew about Windrush ... and then we discover they knew about it for the last few years. The home secretary denies that there were targets for deportation and then, lo and behold, admits that in fact there were. And in the meantime, people’s lives have been turned upside down!

Some of the world’s politicians look very young. Not all of them by any means but I saw Justin Trudeau on the television news, talking about the horrible Toronto truck attack on pedestrians, and was struck by how the fact that he does not look old enough to be in charge of a country. I checked. He was born in 1971, so he is not so ridiculously young after all. But he is the second youngest Canadian Prime Minister ever. He must use all the right face creams!

President Macron of France is even younger, born in 1977. It was interesting seeing him address the American Congress, quietly telling the Americans what they should be doing. His English is quite good. Here is a link to some photos of his visit to the USA with his wife, with some rather interesting commentary about them.  

I read about an American woman, Liz Quain, from somewhere near Seattle, who took the decision to leave her country and take her 9-year-old twins travelling the world. Once Donald Trump was elected, she decided to move out and is now thinking of starting a business selling stuff through Amazon as a way of financing their itinerant lifestyle. “If the G.O.P. gets out of office, if our education system improves, if we get universal health care, I’ll move back to the States because we’ll get tired of traveling,” Ms. Quain said. But until that utopian day arrives, “We’re unplugging from the Matrix.”

Apparently she is not alone in this. There is a whole network of people fortunate enough to be able to upsticks and leave behind a political situation they don’t like. They chronicle their adventures on social media and occasionally some of them get together. They are not worried about their children’s education, regarding themselves not as “home-schoolers” but as “world-schoolers”, providing an alternative education.

Such is the way of the modern world!

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