Friday, 25 December 2015

Doing things the traditional way.

Yesterday I noticed a strange thing on Facebook. Friends with smallish children were posting stuff about Christmas pjs?!?! Even our daughter posted photos of her brood in their NEW Christmas pyjamas. Now, I knew that she bought them new pyjamas every Christmas. It has been part of her Christmas routine for a while. I thought, however, that it was just one of HER little quirks, a little tradition that she had created for herself. But apparently lots of other young mums do the same. 

I even googled it and found that someone had asked, "Does anyone else buy new pjs for their children every Christmas?" The response was quite overwhelming. In some cases it was what they had been doing for years. In others it was a case of jumping onto a bandwagon and deciding that it was such a good idea that they wanted to do it too. Who knew? 

Apparently, the proper thing to do is get everyone in their new pyjamas and then all settle down to watch a Christmas movie together. Well, apart from the fact that I find most Christmas movies so sentimental that they drive me insane, when our children were small I was always too busy on Christmas eve to think about sitting down to watch a film on tv. 

Besides, I never quite got into that "lets get some popcorn and watch this soppy film" mode. Not that we didn't watch films together as a family at other times. We once sneaked our 11 year old into the cinema to watch "Dances with Wolves", a 12+ film. And if you get them to watch films with subtitles, such as "The Seven Samurai", nobody can eat popcorn as you need to concentrate. 

Who decided that you need to eat your way through films anyway? A daft idea, if you ask me! 

 Our daughter has invented a new tradition for her family this year. She has decided on a theme for everyone: something to wear, something to read, something they want and something they need. 

An interesting idea!

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