Saturday, 3 October 2015

Another week comes to a close.

And so the weekend comes around again. The end of a remarkably sunny week. It has been very pleasant strolling around catching up with people in the sunshine. Monday doesn't count as it was only the dentist. Tuesday it was my Italian classmates and Wednesday lunch with a couple of former work colleagues. All good stuff. 

Yesterday I took an old friend for a walk around Dovestone reservoir. There were a fair few people there but not as many as you might see if it had been Saturday. Mind you, today - Saturday - is grey and gloomy and not a good day for strolling round reservoirs and having picnics in the sunshine. 

Having been taught by my daughter in the summer how to take panoramic photos with my phone, I just had to take a couple of the view from the path between the two reservoirs. 


Apart from people's dogs we saw no interesting wildlife, not even the odd rabbit or pheasant. Unlike the other day. Out walking on Monday, Phil drew my attention to something on the hillside opposite: two young deer! A number of people have told me about deer around here but until then I had never seen them. I have no idea where they came from. In the late 1970s, early 1980s we lived in a house in the valley between Delph and Denshaw. From what people tell me, that valley is teeming with deer now. Back then there were none! Strange! 

No animal life to speak of up at Dovestone, but we did see some fine views. 
Now, imagine making your way of the tube station and coming across this view. 

Apparently it is street art. Of a most spectacular kind, I must say. Here is a link to more examples of the same kind of thing.

 Life is just full of interesting stuff!

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