Thursday, 23 July 2015

Getting things done.

Down at the pool this morning I watched pool technicians at work. Well, I suppose you could call them pool technicians. First there was a young woman with what looked like a long-handled fishing net. I have seen her before. She kind of trawls the floor of the pool catching odds and ends of stuff that might be lying there. The front of the net has a lip, similar to the edge of a dustpan, to catch and pick up bits. The net also serves to collect floaters from the surface. She also checks the chlorine levels in the water and, presumably, adjusts things accordingly. Another aspect of her job appears to be scrubbing the white tiles at the waterline, removing any collected grime. I can't say I would fancy scrubbing a bathtub the size of a swimming pool but someone has to do it. 

Today she was accompanied by a chap in a wetsuit, a kind of mini wetsuit anyway. He put on goggles and his snorkel tube and went down to look at a patch on the floor of the pool where the little blue tiles have come off. He appeared to have some difficulty staying down as at one point his lady workmate selected a huge chunk of stone, washed it and stuffed it down between his wetsuit and a kind of weighted jacket affair. Suitably heavier, he seemed to have no more problems and spent quite a long time bobbing in and out of the water, sticking pre-prepared sheets of little tiles in place. Who would have thought at you could do such repairs without having to drain the pool? 

So now we have a reasonably well-maintained pool once more. 

And soon we will have a well-maintained, or at least working, hot water boiler again. Our landlady has finally organised for repairs to take place on Tuesday of next week. Just a few more days of clambering on chairs to switch the mechanism on and off every time we need hot water. Hurray! 

This is clearly a day for getting things organised. When we took on the tenancy of this flat, it came with a parking space in the underground garage. This is the same one which we discovered some rascal was using without permission when we wanted a parking space for our son's hired car during his visit. Well, our landlady has just rung to let me know that I should expect a visit from a young man called Dany who is now renting her other flat in this building and is interested in renting the parking space. 

Now, do I need to come up with a fancy contract for this arrangement?

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