Monday, 22 June 2015

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Yesterday was the longest day of the year. It's all downhill from now on, folks! OK, so I exaggerate! We still have a good while of long summer evenings to look forward to yet.

Yesterday was also Fathers' Day, or so I am told. Everybody (well, quite a large number of people I know) has been posting things about their fathers, living and "in Heaven". How can they all be so sure that their fathers have gone to Heaven? But anyway, there it is, a whole lot of sentimental stuff about wonderful men and role models and the like. I never remember there being a Fathers' Day when I was a child. Perhaps it's a move towards equal opportunity. Perhaps it's intended to encourage greater involvement on the part of fathers. Or perhaps it's just a plot to make people buy cards and presents on yet another "day".

Yesterday, on the boat to the Isla de Ons, there was what appeared to be a hen party. There was certainly a young woman wearing a pink sash and a coronet/headdress of white roses. She was accompanied by a gaggle of young women who all wore coronets/headdresses of multi-coloured rosebuds. They were taking lots of photos (selfies) and asking other passengers to take even more photos of all of them together. If it was a hen party, it seemed very civilised; instead of downing huge quantities of alcohol, they were anointing each other with suntan lotion. I suppose they could have had huge quantities of alcohol in their bags but on the whole they were a lot less loud and screechy than other such groups I have seen on trains and trams in the UK.

Here are some photos of the Isla de Ons, as promised.

This was the view from under my hat at one very hot point during my trek round the island!

Today would have been a much better day fr tramping around a virtually tree-free island. The day began with mist on the estuary and has grown progressively cloudier. I have even been driven to tryout the indoor pool - climatizada - in other words heated. A little too heated for me but you can't always get what you want!

As for tomorrow, the weatherman predicts more of the same. Some cloud, some sun. probably no rain. We shall see. There's precious little we can do about it anyway.

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