Sunday, 22 December 2013

Out and about again!

On Friday we escaped from rainy Manchester for a weekend with offspring number one and his good lady. They won’t be travelling north for Christmas as the aforementioned good lady us in a state of advanced pregnancy. So I juggled the final present shopping and some of the food shopping so that we could get down to Buckinghamshire for a couple of days at least. 

I mentioned rainy Manchester, which does the place a disservice as we have had some extremely bright and crisp days recently. But the whole country is threatened with storms through to New Year so it was no surprise to find that yesterday was wild, wet and windy. So much for offspring number one going on to us about how much better the climate is down here!!! 

Despite the weather, Phil and I caught the train into London yesterday, not for shopping purposes but for more cultural stuff. We had some splendid views of winter skylines around the area of Tate Modern. 

But Tate Modern was our actual destination. I was interested to see that the floor of the main entrance hall still has the scar where the huge crack created by Doris Salcedo, Colombian artist, in 2007 was still there. This was a piece called Shibboleth and according to the artist was a statement about racism and the gap between Europeans and the rest of mankind. She went on: "It represents borders, the experience of immigrants, the experience of segregation, the experience of racial hatred. It is the experience of a Third World person coming into the heart of Europe.” It was always her intention that when filled up it would leave a scar to make people think and remember the art work. Very effective! 

Yesterday we were there to see an exhibition of the work of Paul Klee, German-Swiss artist who taught at the Bauhaus. We were impressed! Pictures that look like woven colours and others that look as though he was playing with form and ideas. 

Later we visited Baker Street. We have to do this every time that we go to London as there is a chess shop there. So off we went to Baker Street. No sign of Sherlock! 

And then back to the offspring’s house for the evening. Splendid. 

Today the sun is shining. There you go!

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