Thursday, 24 October 2013


Today was one of those autumn days that are almost perfect. After the early morning low cloud shifted we had blue sky and sunshine with a bit of wind, perfect for being out and about. So in our neck of the woods people got a load of washing done and hung it out, started raking leaves and sorting out the garden: autumn activities. 

I was up at the crack of dawn again but this time I had my daughter’s car to drive about in. So I took the small people to school, stopped at the supermarket on my way back and was home before 9.30. Since I was up already I changed into my running gear and took advantage of the fine weather. Tomorrow has rain forecast so I had to grasp the opportunity. By 10.30 I was home once more, showered and into a second breakfast, the first having been little more than half a cup of coffee at 6.30. Almost a whole day’s activity and it was only half way through the morning. 

In Oviedo, Prince Felipe and his good lady Letizia were not so lucky weatherwise. They arrived there ready for presenting the Principe de Asturias prizes tomorrow and had to use a big black umbrella to protect themselves from the rain. 

However, I mustn’t gloat. We are forecast nasty weather for tomorrow. This is almost inevitable because my brother-in-law has made plans to come and visit us. He does this from time to time and we usually stomp off across the hills and end up at Diggle Chippy, one of the best fish and chip emporiums in the area. I suspect that tomorrow we may need to drive there to pick up lunch and that will be that. Still, the weathermen may be wrong. It does happen occasionally. 

 Many areas of Galicia are also promised bad weather tomorrow. Yellow alerts are in operation so maybe it’s just as well we’ve not managed to organise out travel to get over there for the half term holiday. 

Here I find myself going past shops wishing people a “Happy Hallowe’en”. When did this become the kind of festivity where you wish people a happy time? I thought the modern version was just a chance for children to get dressed up and go round pestering people for sweets. And I’ve already seen some houses decorated with pumpkins, presumably to keep the evil spirits at bay. Oh, and I keep coming across children in fancy dress. And it’s not Hallowe’en for a week. 

That’s not all. Christmas is rushing up to us. I found this photo in one of the newspapers online. This is Selfridges on Oxford Street in London. 

What can I say? How soon will I see the first Christmas tree? The first house lit up with fairy lights and model Santas?

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