Wednesday, 27 April 2011

And W is for …?

I don’t know about anyone else but I rather want to get Friday out of the way, over and done with, gone. In case it’s not obvious, I am heartily sick of the ROYAL WEDDING which, if it doesn’t dominate the news, certainly features in just about every broadcast one way or another.

The weekend newspaper supplements had poems written by a collection of poets, suggesting delightful wedding vows for the young couple to use on the day.

There have been all sorts of fashion features concentrating on guessing what THE DRESS will be like. Errmm … probably white, possibly frothy, almost certainly long (but you never know) and elegant! It’s a wedding dress after all!

In Waterstone's bookshop in Manchester yesterday I saw a range of books with titles along the lines of “
William and Kate”; how original is that for a title?

Just about every shop is selling memorabilia of some kind; even the charity shops have some. Now who has been able to donate commemorative tat from an even that has not yet happened? Hmmm!

The small cafe in our village has a positively sick-making patriotic display in the window and one of the local pubs has a life-size cardboard cut-out of William and What’s-her-name just outside its door.

Union Jack bunting is going up everywhere. Somebody must be organising parties after all.
My grandson’s primary school class is having a party on Thursday to celebrate the event. They can’t do it on Friday because they have the day off. As it’s the little chap’s sixth birthday on Friday, he did think for a while that the
day off was in his honour. He now knows, however, that Friday is the day of what he calls the Woyal Wedding.

Finally, in today’s Guardian online I came across a headline “Royal Wedding: Knit your own Corgi”. Now, I had been toying with the idea of knitting some kind of animal for the aforementioned grandson’s birthday. When it was his sister’s birthday I k
nitted dolls, complete with a change of clothes. But I hadn’t come up with anything for him and I rather fancied giving him something a bit unusual alongside the remote controlled car I mentioned in my last blogpost. So little woolly dogs, not very corgi-like in my version, were the perfect thing. I’ve got a day and a bit to knit a small pack of the things.

The knitting pattern apparently is an extract from a book called “Knit Your Own Royal Wedding” by Fiona Goble. I’ve not seen the rest of the contents, obviously, as I have no intention of paying even the Guardian’s special offer reduced price of £7.99 for the book. It does sound like a clever idea though and I hope Fiona makes some money out of it.

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