Monday, 14 March 2011

Getting away from it all.

Try as I might, I am finding it rather difficult to escape from information about a certain royal wedding coming up at the end of next month.

First of all Prince William and Kate (aka Catherine) Middleton keep doing all these publicity stunts: launching boats, visiting their old university and so on. Then there’s all the fuss about who is going to design the dress. At one point it was rumoured to be Victoria Beckham. And now, of course, with fashion designers making faux pas, poor Kate will have to be careful to choose one who
is politically correct.

Surely it’s enough that the poor girl has had to change her name and that she has to put up with Camilla as her mentor on how to become a royal wife. I swear that by now she must have turned into a “real princess” who can feel a pea under ten mattresses!!

But no, it’s not enough. Prince Andrew puts his foot in it by associating with the wrong people and we have
a lot of speculation about who is the most embarrassing uncle to invite to your wedding!

On the bus today I came across an article in the free paper all about Clapham Common in London. Apparently the local council have decided to make the common into “Camp Royale” for the weekend of the wedding. For the bargain price of £75 you can camp out in the park for three days, watch the wedding on a big screen and take part in competitions. The be
st dressed “guests” will win prizes as will the best decorated tent. There you go: something to aim for; something to look forward to. For the sake of the happy campers, I hope the weather is good. I’ve done camping in late April and it can be extremely cold!!

On the other hand, according to another article, loads of people are taking advantage of the extra bank holiday to escape to a long weekend in the sun. EasyJet and RyanAir are benefitting from the royal wedding. London hoteliers are not too worried though as they confidently expect lots of foreign visitors to fill their rooms. According to the tat sellers (sorry, souvenir sellers) William and Kate mugs and tea towels are not yet selling well but
of course there is still time for sales to pick up.

And if you want more detail than is available in the occasional
newspaper article, you can buy a whole magazine dedicated to the happy pair. There it was on the shelf in my local newsagent’s: “William and Kate” was its title! Who buys this stuff?

The final straw, however, was the advert I saw in Saturday’s Guardian newspaper. One of their most recent special offers is for his ’n’ her pea coats. It’s a good job there was a picture or I might not have known what a pea coat was: traditional navy wear apparently. Anyway, the picture was also the problem for me. The smiling couple wearing matching black jackets with the collar warmly turned up bore an uncanny resemblance to …. yes, you’ve guessed it… William and Kate.

Ah well, I’ll just have to hope for good weather and take myself off on a long walk on the day.

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