Saturday, 4 April 2009

Rainy morning activity

It's a rainy Saturday morning in Vigo, but not serious rain, more like a bit of drizzle in the air. The lady in the breadshop states her opinion that we need some rain to clear the pollen from the air and relieve the allergy-sufferers. We both agree that the sun will probably come out later and this proves to be the case.

Further along the road, Greenpeace have set up camp outside the new Eroski supermarket, giving out leaflets in Gallego which tell us which fish NOT to buy if we want to help protect the environment. I hope all those who receive a leaflet can read Gallego.

Meanwhile on Principe the stall selling plaited palms for tomorrow, Palm Sunday, is doing plenty of business. Some small boys seem to have missed the point and start sword-fighting with the very plain long palms they have been given.

Earlier this week on a television news broadcast I saw a report about a palm-plaiting enterprise, involving just about the whole of a family, children and grandparents included. They provide elaborate palms for individual members of the royal family with different degrees of intricacy in the weaving of crowns and other insignia according to the importance of the royal personnage concerned.

Compared with them, the confections on sale on Principe look very simple.

I never before realised that there was a hierarchy of palms!

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