Thursday, 5 July 2018

Catching up with the celebrity gossip.

This morning I took myself off to the hairdresser’s. They recognise me there and seem to have adjusted to the fact that I turn up once in a while and ask them to fix the colour of my hair as the roots have started to show. They no longer try to persuade me to have a re-style or a manicure or even a pedicure. And so it has become a fairly relaxed procedure.

Indeed, I could quite happily spend an hour or so every few days having someone wash my hair, give me a head massage and generally mess around with my hair. Is this how the rich and famous keep themselves looking glossy and well groomed? It’s quite likely!

I read in one of the gossip magazines in the salon that when Meghan Markle, now Duchess of Sussex or somewhere, moved to London, Amal Clooney gave her the details of her hairdresser in the capital. Networking, you see! It’s all about networking!

Now, I want to know how the gossip magazines KNOW that Harry is the queen’s favourite grandson. Several of the magazine’s said so and they must have got the idea from somewhere. Because of course, all the latest magazines are full of reports of that wedding and the rivalry - no, not rivalry - now it’s friendship and cooperation - between Meghan and Kate. Excellent descriptions were given of what the two ladies wore to what one magazine called the “Tropping of the Colour”. Oops! Someone needs a better proof-reader! And besides, no description was really needed as there were numerous photos.

There were also details of the cost of some of the outfits. But Kate wins the prize as the sensible one; when she took the children (but not the baby) to watch daddy play polo, as you do, she wore a dress from Zara - which has probably sold out since then!

Just to prove that members of the royal family are not averse to silly names, there was a picture of Peter Phillips, sone of the very sensible and apparently hardworking, Princess Anne, with his wife and daughters. The wife is called Autumn! And the daughters are Savannah and Isla! Okay, I suspect the second one is a good celtic name, pronounced something like “aisle-a” but I read this in a Spanish gossip magazine and so mentally pronounced it as the Spanish world for Island. It makes perfect sense. If you can have a child called River or Ocean, why it one called Island?

Lots of famous people are always getting married and divorced and remarried to different people.

I learnt a new bit of vocabulary to describe going on holiday with the person you are going to marry sometime in the next few months: “preluna de miel” which means a pre-honeymoon! How very charming! Stag parties and hen parties, by the way, are known as “despedida de soltero/soltera” - a farewell to bachelordom/spinsterhood!

It is also amazing how many famous people keep on having babies. Still, I suppose they can afford to have them.

There is reported to be a serious drop in the population in this area but you would not think so judging by the number of prams and clearly-pregnant ladies you see around the centre of Vigo. Maybe they all reach a certain age and mkve away!

Thinking of famous people in the news and what can be afforded or not afforded, I read something about President Trump’s imminent visit to the UK. I thought he was going to London, coinciding annoyingly with my own visit there, but the report talks about him going to Scotland to play golf. (Does he not have a country to mismanage and world politics to mess up?) Apparently the UK government has pledged to cover up to £5m in extra policing costs if he does in fact go to Scotland to play golf. They estimate that it will need an extra 5,000 officers to police the thing.

Does he not have his own security team who go around with him?

Maybe the 5,000 officers will be used to form a human wall.

I am gobsmacked!

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