Sunday, 3 July 2016

The end of Sanxenxo 2016.

So another Sanxenxo tournament comes to an end. Results might be available by the time I reach the end of writing this. 

I took myself out for a stroll around after packing the cases and paying the bill. Luggage safely stowed in a store room, chess player busy in the playing room, off I went to catch a few last photos. It's a baking hot day. They have predicted 29 degrees at least. The beach was filling up nicely. A young man was asleep on a bench. I suspect that he fell asleep in the shade of the tamarind tree but by the time I saw him the sun had moved around. Someone would wake up a bit burnt and headachy, I think. 

The beach football stadium is almost complete. I found out from posters along the promenade that this will be no ordinary bit of beach football. Oh no! An international Eurotournament on the 8th, 9th and 10th of July. Good for Sanxenxo! 

I walked through a little park on the way to Portonovo. It's a lovely shady spot on a hot day. Splendid views of sea through trees and so on. Somebody built a little cafe up there a year or two ago. I bet they do very good business on hot days like this. 

 I was about to take a picture of a bank of hydrangea bushes when I realised that a man was dropping his pants and squatting down to relieve himself just next to, practically under, the last bush of the row. Now, I know that blokes will have a pee behind rubbish containers, in dark corners, even in shop doorways for that matter, but squatting down for more serious business in the middle of park, albeit a fairly empty Sunday morning park, is a different matter. I hurried on and took my photo later, from a healthy distance!!! 

Last night we watched Germany and Italy come to a draw but did not hang around to watch the penalties, which Germany finally nailed down to win for them. My German friend was on pins with the tension of it. But really she is rooting for Wales and hopes for a final between Wales and Iceland. Now, that would be an interesting turn up for the books. Instead of watching the penalties, we went to investigate Corleóne, "gelateria d'autore". Had we realised how big a medium sized cone is, we might have made do with just a salad for our evening meal. Very good ice cream! 
We heard the cheers for the various penalty goals being scored as we strolled along the prom with our ice cream, like proper tourists. Nothing to do with chess tournaments at all! 

Oh, and the chessplayer won second place in the veterans category and won yet another pot boat as superveteran. Does this mean he is a clever old man?

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